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The third largest city in Bulgaria - the Sea Capital. It is located in Northeastern Bulgaria. Varna is a tourist center, the town is a starting point for many resorts on the northern Black Sea coast. Varna is also a center of many cultural events - the Varna Summer Festival, the "Love is Madness" film festival. The history of the city is a millennium. Varna was named Odessos, and according to early written records, the city was founded by emigrants from the Miletus town of Malawi in VI century BC.


This is the period of Great Greek colonization. Interesting landmarks in the city are: the Sea Garden, the Dolphinarium, the Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium Nikolay Copernicus, the Varna Necropolis - the oldest gold treasure in the world, the Pencho Slaveykov National Library, the Varna Archaeological Museum, the Military Maritime Museum, the Museum of New History, Ethnographic Museum, Renaissance Museum In the vicinity of Varna are located: Aladzha Monastery - Rock Monastery, Pobiti Kamani, Kamchia Reserve. Distance: Sofia - Varna - 446 km. Plovdiv - Varna - 385 km. Bourgas - Varna - 134 km.


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Asparuhov Bridge is the longest bridge in Bulgaria - 2 km. Its construction began in 1976. This bridge is one of the few where you could jump bungee.

Cathedral Church of the Virgin Mary

The church was built between 1883-1886 and is the second largest in Bulgaria after the St. Alexander Nevski monument in the capital Sofia. The Odessa architect Maas in honor of the Bulgarian Liberation from the Turkish yoke designed the temple.

In the building of the Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theater - Varna are housed the theater, opera and gilharmony of Varna. It is built on a Viennese pattern. On March 12, 1921, the theater opened its first season with Henry Kastkemer's contemporary play "The Instinct".

Sea Garden


The construction of the garden began in 1862. It is one of the symbols of Varna. The Sea Garden, the botanical garden in Balchik and the botanical garden near St. Mark's Square. St. Constantine and Elena are the only artificial reserves made. They contain some of the rarest plants and protected them. In the Sea Garden, visitors can see many attractions, including: The Aquarium; The Dolphinarium, the Military-Maritime Museum and others. the garden is about 800 acres. there is also a zoo.


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Roman baths of Varna.


The Roman Baths of Varna are not only the largest bathrooms of that time in the Balkans, but also the fourth largest territory of this type in the world. In fact, it is the largest public antique building built in the region. Baths date back to the first century, and only two centuries later they cease to perform their functions as public bathrooms and places for public discussion.


In the Roman Empire, it is not common for men and women to use the same bathroom. Usually the baths were separated, as there were separate entrances. The bathroom in Varna, however, uses a different type of separation. Until noon, women visit the baths, since the men at that time were still busy and went to work. From noon until late evening, men could discuss social issues, taking care of the comfort of their bodies. In the baths there was a separate room where the men could put their valuables in storage so that their gentlemen could immediately come after work with all their belongings.


The building was built according to a special technology - a stone wall alternated with clay brick with a thickness of five or six lines. And was richly decorated with mosaics and marble capitals. To explore the Roman baths today, you must pay an entrance fee of 5 leva or about 2.5 euros. The baths are open every day from 9 am to 10 pm. With the exception of Mondays and Sundays, when the baths are open from 9 am to 6 pm. m. It is also possible to book a tour, which will really revive the ruins in front of your eyes. Nearby there are also small Roman baths, which served the ancient Odessos / old name of modern Varna / for 3-4 centuries of our era.



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