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Shkorpilovtsi - this is such a small town, or even, rather, a village. It is located on the shores of the Black Sea, due to which the own population of Shkorpilovtsev, amounting to about 750 souls, significantly grows in the summer months due to visitors.

Tom has every reason: Shkorpilovtsi are located just five minutes walk from the huge sandy beach, which many consider the most beautiful on the north coast. And not only Bulgaria, but almost all of the Black Sea. This giant sand strip stretches for 13 km, which makes it the longest Black Sea beach of the country. Moreover, the width of this strip in some places reaches up to hundreds of meters.

Accordingly, the beach of Shkorpilovtzi can be called with all grounds and the most spacious in Bulgaria. What is surprising is that all these beauties are not associated with hotel complexes-monsters or any kind of super-developed tourism industry. Of course, there are plenty of hotels here, but they are all rather small, relatively quiet and cozy.

Plus, near Shkorpilovtzi there are many places for camping, so that you can enjoy the giant beach more than budget. And environmentally friendly: this area of ​​the coast is considered one of the cleanest in terms of water and sand, and in the sense of the abundance of forests in the vicinity.


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