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The town of Shabla is located in northeastern Bulgaria in Dobrich district. It is the most eastern Bulgarian city. It is located 24 km from the Bulgarian-Romanian border and about 80 km northeast of Varna. The population of Shabla is about 4400 people. The city is 47 meters above sea level. The temperate continental climate prevails in Shabla Municipality.


The hottest are July and August. The town emerged as an old Thracian settlement. It has led a large trade in colonies from Greece. The temple "Sveti Haralampiy" - The church was built in 1853. It is a monument of culture with remarkable creations. Nassi is the name of Saint Haralampiy, a magisial bishop who preached the doctrine of Christ. Unfortunately, in 1900, an earthquake destroyed the building. It was finally finished in 1908-1909. It is a three-nave basilica.


Zograf Zahari Tsanyov has painted the oldest icons in the temple of St. Haralampy. They are from 1857. The beautiful church was repaired in 2000 thanks to Father Vasile Selmeet, donations and volunteers involved in the renovation. The temple feast of St. Haralampy's Church in Shabla is celebrated on February 10th.

Cape Shabla is the easternmost point on the territory of Bulgaria. It is located about 5 km east of the city. The oldest lighthouse, the Shabla Lighthouse, is located there. It is 31 meters high. It was built in the distant 1856. It is also called the Alexandrian Lighthouse. Around it can be seen traces of the fortress walls of the ancient city of Karon Limen.


The headlamp is illuminated in white three times at an interval of 25 seconds. There are 132 steps that lead to the halogen spotlight. Basically, Shabla's lighthouse is square. The width is about 9 meters and the base height is 10 meters. It is interesting for the lighthouse that the Sultan monogram of Sultan Abdul Medjid is built in the wall on its western side. He ruled the Turkish Empire in the middle of the nineteenth century.


Shabla Lake liman

It is 2 km northeast of the town of Shabla right by the sea. Its depth reaches 10 meters. Its waters are semi-salt (0.4%) and are rich in fish (Platica, Karakuda, Som, Sharan and others). The area is inhabited by various bird species (ibises, herons, dips). It is also rich in rare plants.


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