Rent A Car Obzor Bulgaria


Rent a car Obzor Bulgaria.

Not all tourists like to relax on the full-length resorts in numerous coastal countries. Sometimes people prefer to spend their time in calm, less noisy places, where life flows smoothly as usual without fuss and all sorts of stresses. It is precisely to this kind of holiday can be attributed resort Obzor - a small town near the Black Sea. Here you will find neither a huge number of tourists, nor annoying sellers praising their goods and literally grabbing the hand of potential buyers. In Obzor, you can see some of the historical sights: the well-preserved ruins of the Temple of Jupiter, the old fortress of Koziak, the memory of the Romans, the columns and capitals of the ancient temple, displayed in one of the parks of the city. And if this is not enough for you, you can go for a portion of new emotions on an excursion (we recommend yourself on a bus or a rented car) to Varna, Burgas or Nessebar. By the way: there is a bus station in Obzor. In addition to independent travel, you are invited to a huge number of organized excursions to Bulgarian cities. At the resort, everyone will be able to find for themselves what to do: shops, nightclubs, horseback riding, various sports and water-related entertainment, including extreme (water rides, surfing), water park, amusement park. Families with children especially love this place, because the resort has a gentle descent into the sea. Since the Obzor is located at the base of the Balkan Mountains in the eastern part of them, on the one side of the city there is a fantastic view of the sea, and on the other - of the mountains. The combination of sea, mountain and forest air at the resort is just perfect, so here they not only relax, but also improve their health. Thanks to hydrogen sulfide springs not far from the city, tourists are successfully cured of many respiratory diseases. You will undoubtedly remember your stay at the resort, as the people in Obzor are very friendly and sociable. A variety of hotels, villas or even ordinary private houses, will gladly provide those who wish to rest with a room or a room for a fairly reasonable price. Having been at least once in the Obzor tourists, always tend to return here. A little about the history of the Review A survey by the standards of Bulgaria refers to rather old cities. About 3 thousand years ago, in the territory of the current resort, a Thracian settlement was founded called Navahlos. Over time (in the 1st millennium BC), settlers from Greece occupied the earth, founding Heliopolis, which translates as City of the Sun. Soon after, the Romans managed to get hold of this picturesque territory. Here they built the Temple of Jupiter and called their settlement Theopolis. The city fell so much to their liking that even after the split in 395 of the Roman Empire into the Western and Eastern, Theopolis became the residence of the Byzantine rulers. I managed to visit the future Review and under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. It was then that he was given the name Gezeken (from Turkish means Review). Only in 1936, the land received its current name, and in 1984 the Obzor deserved to be called a city. Weather conditions and climate at the resort It is a pleasure to relax in the Obzor. The holiday season begins in May and lasts until October. The temperature of the sea water is very comfortable and pleasant, usually several degrees higher than in popular Golden Sands or Albena and can reach + 27 C. It is not surprising that at the resort you can often meet families with children, for kids there is a real paradise: the warm sea, the gentle sun and a lot of entertainment designed specifically for them. People come to Obzor from huge noisy cities in order to enjoy plenty of fresh air and breathe deeply at last. Beach strip in Obzor In reality, the coastal sandy strip near the shores of Obzor occupies a rather impressive territory - something about 8 km. Purely symbolically, it is divided into three beaches: Central, North and South. Each of them is well equipped and has everything you need for a good rest of tourists. The central beach is more popular, so if you dont want close proximity to other vacationers, choose the less busy ones for you - North or South. Like in any of the Bulgarian resorts, wild beaches can be found in the Obzor if you wish. The beautiful and almost deserted embankment is located within walking distance just outside the city, if you go in the direction of Byala. We are sure you will love the picturesque views of the rocks and forests that open in this place. Here in Obzor, mainly families with children who prefer a more relaxing holiday than on busy resorts have a rest. For children in Obzor there is a fair number of attractions and playgrounds, and in local wellness centers they treat bronchitis and asthma. Overview like the fans of "space" on the beach: the hotels are located at a decent distance from each other, so that the place under the sun is enough for everyone. The review is a developing resort, therefore the prices here are sometimes 2-3 times lower than in the more "popular" tourist centers of the country. A little lyricism: An overview - a quiet, cozy, romantic corner in one place connected the stern rocky mountains, the warm blue sea, the green, sun-drenched forest and the clear, aromatic air-blossomed air. In the east, at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, at a height of 65 meters above sea level, there are clean sandy beaches, fun-tuning crystal streams, curative mineral springs and small waterfalls, coniferous forests whose dense silence seems to be disturbed only by the beating of one's own heart. It is here, with great pleasure come foreign tourists, especially residents of noisy and dusty megacities, that would wind the lungs with clean mountain-and-sea air, recharge the sun, heat, remove accumulated stress and tension, listen to silence, walk barefoot, see how the sun is buried on sunset in the Black Sea and is born from it every morning and, perhaps, something to rethink. Resort Overview traditionally takes visitors to the classic tourist season from May to October, in the summer spoils a comfortable temperature from +23 to +30 degrees and beckons to the sea, warming up to +27 C!

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