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Kamchia is a small village located 34 km southwest of Varna, on the territory of the Longoz national reserve, near the Sunny Beach resort. It is quite a young but rapidly developing village with a charming nature.


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Picturesque river, forest, surrounded by ancient trees, unspoilt beaches and surprisingly low prices attract tourists to Kamchia. Recently, the resort has become more popular for children's recreation. There are several camps here, and clean beaches with a shallow sea make this place ideal for resting children.

A popular place for spending the night among tourists are camping sites that are in common with the stunning nature of the resort. Among the hotels, frequent demand comes from inexpensive Kamchia and Longoz.


The amazing Kamchiya River, flowing into the Black Sea from the Balkans (244 km), is the main attraction of this romantic and picturesque corner. Here is a very rich nature: many species of rare plants, various animals. Famous and spilling the Kamchia River is a nature reserve that is protected by UNESCO.

In Kamchia there are valuable mineral springs, the water in which has an excellent strengthening and health-improving effect.


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The climate in the resort of Kamchiya, in principle, differs little from the weather on the coast as a whole and is characterized as a typical marine, moderate continental - dry, hot summer and rainy winter. In this region, however, there is a strong Mediterranean influence, which explains the large number of sunny hours (over 1,600) from mid-April to late October.


The average January temperature is + 2 , and July + 23 . Due to its proximity to the sea and the river at the same time, the humidity in the Kamchia resort is quite high - 75-80%. However, dense forest retains most of the moisture, so high summer temperatures are well tolerated. At the same time, the high level of humidity and the proximity of the resort to the Kamchiya River have their negative side - mosquitoes, especially if the hotel and the bungalow where you stay is located deep in the forest.

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