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Balchik is one of the oldest European cities. It is founded more than 2600 years ago around the middle of the 6th century BC. of the Ionian colonists on the ruins of a much earlier settlement, known as Kurni - Izvori.

The daily Balchik is a seaside resort, which is located near Albena, Golden Sands, and Kranevo.

The resort offers its visitors gorgeous sandy beaches, an opportunity for complete rest and rich history.


In the city, interesting landmarks are Botanical Garden, Architectural - Park Complex Palace. Also Mutual School, Ethnographic Museum, Art Gallery, City Historical Museum, Teketo.

In the area of ​​Balchik are Cape Kaliakra, Kamen Bryag, Pobiti Kamani. Distance: Sofia - Balchik - 489 km. Varna - Balchik - 43 km. Albena - Balchik - 18 km. Golden Sands - Balchik - 27 km.


Despite the fact that Balchik is the third largest port city in Bulgaria (after Bourgas and Varna), it has good sandy beaches. Especially tourists emit young but already had become popular the complex "New Beach". The only disadvantage of this beach is its size. At the height of the summer season, it is crowded.


The streets of the city are fantastically spread out on the slopes of hills in tiers, creating a romantic mood. The zest of the resort is added by the houses of the local population - they are all built of white stone with a red roof. If you want to see Balchik in all its glory, we tell you to look at it from the sea or from the hill at the very beginning of the city.


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This drinking fountain remained in the memory of Turkish rule in the territory of Balchik.


The history of the city dates back to the 6th century BC when an ancient polis called Kruni was created on its territory. This name was explained by a large number of karst springs. As a result of which, the main part of the houses was built of white limestone. Later the city was renamed more than once.


And its current name Balchik acquired in the XIV century when it became part of the Dobrudzhan principality. The city was then decided to assign the name of its first ruler, the boyar Balik. At one time, he managed to visit the Ottoman Empire (in the XVI century) and Romania (at the beginning of the XX century). And only in 1940, Balchik again returned to the composition of Bulgaria.


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The resort town of Balchik is not too rich in attractions. Although it is located in it the pearl of the whole Balkan Peninsula. A luxurious botanical garden, which houses the summer palace of the Romanian Queen Maria The Quiet Nest.


There are in Balchik and extraordinary sights - a yacht club and a golf club.


And not far from the city (4 km) there is a natural salt lake, which is famous for its unique therapeutic mud. On the territory of the reservoir, Balchik Tuzla built a balneological resort.


House of the Romanian queen Maria


Even Queen Mary, in 1921, chose a quiet but surprisingly green Balchik for building her house. She fell in love with these places so much that she ordered to break up an impressive park and build a small summer palace in it. The name of her brainchild was invented by the queen herself, in Turkish, it means Lonely Nest.


The palace looks very modest but sophisticated. A small minaret towers above the three-story building, which gives the house a special flair. A stone throne rests near the entrance to the palace, from which the queen allegedly liked to see the sunrise. Although many are inclined to think that in fact, she sighed about her beloved of Turkish blood.


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The Historical Museum - Balchik began its history back in 1907.

He is examining the tomb of a Roman physician priest of the second century AD. In 1936, it was decided to host the museum in a separate building, and in 1937 visitors were welcomed. An exposition reflecting the history of the town of Balchik from its emergence in the sixth century BC. Until its liberation from the Romanian occupation in the 40s of the 20th century. Visitors can also see various exhibits found around the city: glass, ceramics, monuments, coins, and more.


Art Gallery in Balchik has been in existence since the beginning of the 20th century.


In the beginning, it is connected with the Historical Museum. Later all exhibits were taken to Romania and the gallery and museum were closed. For years, nothing has been done about the resumption of their activity. Only in the 1960s works and exhibits began to be collected. In 1965, thanks to the donations of the National Art Gallery, the first exhibition under the name "Balchik and the Sea" was made.


In 1987, the Art Gallery moved to a new building, which was actually the former high school. There are currently two halls for temporary exhibitions on the first floor of the gallery. On the second floor, there is a permanent exhibition. Reflecting some of the most beautiful and significant creations of Bulgaria on the white canvas


The architectural and park complex "The Palace"


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